Premium Hydro Solutions has designed, engineered, and built, proprietary robots used for the hydrodemolition process, a cutting edge industry. We have designed, built and patented hydro demolition robots that have many advantages over our competition. At our fabrication shop in Alpena, MI, we design, engineer, and build the robots needed for our hydrodemolition units. The robots are the most specialized pieces of equipment in the industry. The long up-time and robust build of our All-American robots has given us a competitive edge.

Hiring talented people has helped to advance our success. Our staff is highly experienced, cares about the company, the projects & our customers. Our operators have a great team attitude and pay attention to the detailed elements of the equipment. They have suggested, as well as participated, in improving our equipment. They not only troubleshoot, but also brainstorm improvements to operate our equipment. Sometimes their improvements are ergonomic, reduce part cost, and increase longevity, but all have increased the up time of the equipment.

We provide heavy-highway contractors with hydrodemolition services. Hydrodemolition uses 20,000-psi water directed through a robot’s nozzle head to remove concrete. The process is mainly used to remove the weakened concrete on bridges, but is also used on parking garages, industrial plants, dams, and other concrete structures. Since most of our work is in a “low-bid” market, for us to be awarded work and be profitable, we need to have an operation that removes concrete faster than our competition and at a lower operating cost. NLB manufactures our pumps, which are reliable and have low operating costs. Our robots, which are designed in-house, have the largest cutting surface in the industry and a new nozzle system that increased up-time by 25% and drastically lowered replacement costs.