Our hydrodemolition trailers are present at every job site. These trailers are the support system to the hydrodemolition projects. Premium Hydro’s trailers contain a supply of spare parts and tools, a maintenance area, fuel and water storage tanks, our high pressure pumps and one of our robots.

Each Hydrodemolition Trailer Unit has:

  • Two 450 HP diesel driven NLB 20405D pumps that are combined together in circuit to generate 20,000 psi @ 60 gpm.
  • Pumps are bolt mounted on a 48-foot step deck flatbed trailer
  • 1,500 gallon water surge tank (capacity not used for supply)
  • Three canister bag filters, 5-micron for pre-surge tank clarification
  • 700 gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 500 feet of ¾” 20,000 psi high pressure poly flex hose from Parker
  • Mounted work container with spare parts and tools
  • Trailer payload weight 42,000 lbs (with Hydrodemolition Robot loaded on tail)
  • Hydrodemolition Robot is chain mounted on the tail for transport
  • Trailer is mobilized by a standard Semi-tractor, supplied by Premium Hydro.