Premium Hydro Solutions has designed, engineered, and built, proprietary robots used for the hydrodemolition process. In the hydro blasting industry that we believe is cutting edge. We have designed, built and patented hydro demolition robot’s that has many advantages over our competition. At our fabrication shop in Alpena, MI, we design, engineer, and build the robots needed for our hydrodemolition units. The robots are the most specialized pieces of equipment in the industry. The long up-time and robust build of our all American robots have given us an edge on the competition.

  • Premium Hydro’s robot is unmatched at 96″(8 feet) wide cutting deck, reduces time and costs
  • Replaces approximately 10-12 jackhammers per hour depending on depth
  • 20,000 PSI and 39-60 GPM
  • May be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete removals as well as surface preparation on reinforced and non-reinforced structures
  • Will not harm reinforcing steel, actually can clean it in most instances
  • Surface is left roughened to enhance the bond with the new material
  • No vibrations which prevents surface micro-fractures (unlike roto-milling and jack hammering)
  • Lower strength concrete is selectively removed
  • Eliminates dust and reduces noise, creating a safer work environment